20 апреля 2015 г.
Penetration into the Russian soul ....

The recent tour of the Academic Opera Theatre  Borodin, who have been in our country, despite the situation in the world was pleasant to our audience with great interest !! And how could it be otherwise ?! It brought the masterpieces of Russian classical opera. Tchaikovsky, Rimsky - Korsakov, Mussorgsky, all these brilliant composers entered the life of the European audience. It became part of his cultural development. In any opera house in Europe or America, in the repertoire (whether it be Germany, Italy or Spain, and others.), There is always the opera as "Eugene Onegin," "Queen of Spades" or "Boris Godunov" and this time, on the stage our young opera house sounded great works of Tchaikovsky and Rimsky - Korsakov! It should be noted that Mrs. Voznesenskaya, always extraordinary and deeply relate to drama performances, as well as its submission to the viewer. And it is always a classic and traditional interpretation .But in this style of theater, especially since it helps in this wonderful French director Francois Bertrand. And with Lady of the Voznesenskaya, they created many plays. Which, it should be noted was a great success in Europe.
. Wonderful soloists Galina Korsunova with wonderful, wonderful voice, Andrew Bulatkin - with its fascinating tone and power. Irina Velichansky, remember the viewer in image and Lubasha landowner Larina. Sergei Golovko strong and deep, this bass ... Andrew Lokanova amazing young talented artist! Delicious and very different artists. But invariably one of their talent, professionalism, and the power of acting talent! And the game of these artists could not remain indifferent to anyone in those days, when performed these wonderful works of Russian !!


Music Press Center Opera House «Ascension» Paris France

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